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Selling your home

Posted by Jackie Sellers on March 14, 2019

The hardest part for a seller is to separate from their personal feelings.  You noticed I said personal feelings and not personal property.  Right now I want to discuss personal feelings.  I understand you have great memories and you love your kitchen, color of your carpet and baths.  But you are not buying your home.  You are selling it.  You want to attract as many buyers as possible.  That is why you must separate your personal feelings from this house.  I am calling your home a house.  A home is personal, what you make it.  A house is an object what you buy and turn into a home.   That is what you want a buyer to call your house “home”.  So, let’s get started.


You want to neutralize your home.  By doing so, you will open your home up to more buyers.  If you have a lot of color in your home, you are limiting yourself to buyers that must have the same likes as you.  That will limit your buyers.  Take down heavy curtains, pack up 50% of your items, if you have a lot of knick-knacks, pack up 75 to 80% of them.  Less is best.  You are moving so start packing.  Closets, organized!  Put all short sleeve shirts and colors together. Same with long sleeve shirts.  Pants should hang together and dresses together. Have the hangers hang in the same direction.  Get baskets to put your purses in and items you don’t hang up.  Shoes should be neatly placed.  Baskets are great for slippers and flip flops.  Organize your cabinets.  Kitchen cabinets and pantries need to be neat and spacious.  Bathroom cabinets the same.  LESS IS BEST. Clean your windows and all your doors and trim work.  Buyers do not want your dirt.  Clean carpet or replace it.  It may cost couple thousand dollars to replace your carpet up front.  If you decide to leave worn, dirty carpet, a buyer will deduct double if not triple the cost from the price of the home.  Paint if you need to.  You know if you do…painting can make a big difference… Doing the work up front will save you money at the end…

Always Believe!

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  • on August 14, 2019

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    • on September 4, 2019

      Thank you, If there is any topic you are interested in or anything I can possible assist you with buying or selling. I would be happy to assist.

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