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Open House Day

Posted by Jackie Sellers on March 14, 2019
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Today is the day.  You should be ready.  I am hoping you completed all your tasks.  Lets take one more  look through the house.

  1.  Vacuum:  edged the corners, vacuumed behind and under everything.
  2. Cleaned windows
  3. Open all blinds and curtains
  4. Fresh flowers in the house
  5. EVERYTHING off the counters
  6. Closets cleaned and organized
  7. Cabinets:  Cleaned and organized (less is best)
  8. Refrigerator cleaned, inside and out
  9. Dishwasher empty/yes sink also
  10. Stove/Cook top cleaned, oven cleaned
  11. House Dusted/de-cluttered
  12. All beds made neatly
  13. Bathrooms sparkly and smells clean
  14. Basement clean,
  15. Pets out of the house, pets beds and bowls put away
  16. Outside, freshly manicured, all the way around the house. Grass cut and edged, flowers planted, dead plants trimmed back or taken out
  17. Trash put away, (no smells)
  18. Move cars to allow for buyer parking
  19. If you are holding the open house, ice tea, lemonade, and cookies.  (if your agent is, make sure they have this with them)
  20. Sign in sheet, This is for safety reasons, will also give you info to follow up with potential buyers
  21. Brochures
  22. All lights on inside and out.  Don’t forget the lights over the stove and sink…
  23. Be happy…

Don’t forget the open house signs (Check with your county/local jurisdiction for sign laws), Put them out if you are permitted on Friday afternoon.  Put on your signs the day and time of the open house..


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