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Buying a home

Posted by adminpbs on March 14, 2019
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Choosing to buy a home is a big decision that brings with it a variety of challenges. From finding the right home to negotiating contracts, finding a lender and inspectors.  It’s helpful to have a professional real estate agent on your side to help reduce stress and lead to the best possible outcome. Finding the right real estate agent  for you is very important.  To get started with Buying your home, you’ll want to compare agents carefully to find an individual who will be most effective in helping you with your particular needs.

Interview agents.  Is the agent listening to your wants and willing to guide and educate you.  Now, your wants may not fit in your budget.  That is not the agents fault.  You may have to adjust based on the market and your financial ability.  Speaking of finance..have you been qualified?  Yes, you need to do this first. Why would you want to look at homes that you may not be able to afford? That is wasting everyone’s time.  The lender will tell you what you qualify for (how much they will loan you) it is your responsibility to know how much you can afford.  What do I mean by this, you know your habits.  Do you eat out often?  Are you a shopper?   Do you like to go on vacation 4 times a year?  The lender does not know your spending habits, only you do.  And please, don’t over buy and become house poor.  That is no fun…

Your agent should sit down with you and explain the process of buying.  You need to be honest with them.  If you need to save money for a down payment, tell them.  If you are just curious about the market and not sure if you will be buying today or next year, tell them.  They can not guide you if you are not honest with them. The relationship between a buyer and their agent should be a long term relationship.  You should feel comfortable with this person like you do with family. You should feel like they have your best interest at heart.  Even after settlement, you should feel comfortable to call them for future guidance. If you don’t feel this, than interview another agent.  This is the biggest financial decision you will make and one of the top three emotional decisions.  The best way to thank your agent for a great job…refer them to everyone you know buying or selling.

Don’t try to love a home.  Meaning, if you have to say, “well, if we move that wall or change this or that”.. no, no, that cost you money and you are trying to love the home.  You will know it is the right home for you when you first walk in…


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